Counting Down to Take Off….12 hours!

In less than 12 hours, we will be embarking off toward the Northwest Amazon. Some of you have asked to be added to our Prayer Warrior team recently. Others are faithful friends who have always gone to battle on your knees for us. Many of you have assisted financially to help bring this mission to reality. We are so grateful for you all. As I was going through our list, it was an emotional time for me as each one of you has marked our lives by your Godly examples and your faithfulness to prayer and your friendship to our family.
As you might have noticed, I am not a super active blogger, but if you click on the STORIES TAB at the top of the page, it will give you an idea of the marvelous things God has done. Below are some of the things that will be transpiring in the next two weeks.

On this trip we are going back to Caqueta. We’ll be camping out and constructing more BSF filters for poverty stricken families, teach a water filter training for local leaders, as well as holding an evangelistic/discipleship retreat for the men. We’ll also be holding a grand One Day VBS for all the children in the village. Our theme is “Everyone has a Place in the Kingdom of God”.


One of the most exciting things is that on the last leg of our trip we are taking a scouting trip, ( partly by car, partly by boat, and partly hiking), to the very northern most part of Acre State (Northwest Amazon) to find an isolated Ribeirinho community that leaders have told us has not been reached. As most of you know the Ribeirinhos were the people group that we worked with while we lived in Brazil. While they are not indigenous, in general they are a forgotten people group in Brazil. We are excited at the possibility of finding them and letting them know they are not the ” forgotten ones” as they call themselves but the “loved ones”.


Lastly, as many of you know Johnmark has been having some health issues. He has not been able to stay in remission very long without being on meds and the doctors continue to be somewhat befuddled. He will be traveling with us, and we are having a medical consult with him while we are in Brazil. We want to rule out any possibility that his nephrotic syndrome may have been caused by an uncommon Malaria that we just discovered exists in the Pantanal where we used to live. It is a quartan malaria that can be sub-clinical but causes nephrotic syndrome 4-5 years after exposure.150995_285948951527132_1204543343_n We are learning new things every day and we’re not sure if it’s anything, but we are following up on this to be sure all our bases are covered. As you can imagine, prayer for protection and healing for our son JohnMark is high on our family’s wish list. JohnMark continues to be courageous. He is excited to be going back to Brazil, and hopes he can go fishing for piranha again. This week he picked up “Where There is no Doctor” and read it from cover to cover and has been practicing his Portuguese a bit . Although he freely admits that he is a little afraid he might end up having “some weird-alien tropical disease”— as most 11 year olds would be!
We appreciate and value your prayers for all of these things. You all are so very dear to our hearts. Thank-You for giving the most valuable gift of all.

by His grace and for His glory
Keith and Kim Lango

Agua Viva Brazil
“Come whoever wishes and drink the free gift of the Water of Life”

Rev. 22:17

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The Kingdom Marches On

The kingdom marches on.  And here we are,  using all of our strength,  just to stand. Standing firm, and looking back, we’re amazed to see the seeds planted in August, those seeds planted with hope, and much toil , sprouting, taking root and giving a plentiful harvest.  That old familiar verse whispers true. Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galations 6:9 

Below  are the pictures of the new church building in Caqueta,  the new members,  the Children’s program going strong and the Literacy program taking off. When we traveled to Caqueta in August,  we found 3 believers, did a water filter training and installed a few filters in homes,  and helped one elderly couple come to know their God. Read Their Incredible Stories Here “The church” was a handful of believers and  a potential  plot of land, now “The church” has four walls, and a ceiling,  33 adult members, and around 77 in attendance each service.

Church service

Adults learning how to read in the literacy class

Saturday children’s Bible program

So…then “Why are you just standing there?”  Good question, why are we just standing here?

Shortly after our trip to Brazil in August, our son began exhibiting health problems and not long after,  he was hospitalized.  After quite a few frightening experiences he was  diagnosed with a rare lifelong condition which left him with 2 auto-immune disorders and a lot of questions about his future life and health. As a nurse, and as a missioanry I’ve faced life and death and evil and spiritual prinicpalities. I frequently tell my children, after you walk the road your father and I have, you fear nothing and no-one. Although, admittedly  nothing quite prepares you to watch your son collapse in front of you or to hang on for his breath and life in the ER, listlessly whispering “pray for me”.  When the most unassuming– not an ounce of drama in his bones–10 year old boy,  looks you in the eye and with the courage of a grown man says “Mom, maybe God’s given me the task of leaving earth at the age of 10”, words are hard to find. By His never ending mercy, God sent us so many miracles. JohnMark, despite his diagnosis is doing better than any of the physicians expected.

While this was all transpiring, my stomach began burgeoing like I was pregnant again, along with some pretty worrisome symptoms. My MD reccomended surgery as soon as possible to remove my ovary, a large cumbersome ovarian cyst and what appeared to be a few fibroid tumors. I’ve recovered from surgery with no ill effects. All the pathology to check for cancerous cells was negative. JohnMark continues to do well on his long term treatment program and we attribute both these miracles to God and the prayers of His people on our behalf.

Once again, when we enter the battle to find those whom God loves, the war begins.  We come again to this place of nothingness. The knowing and feeling that certainly we are  in control of so little. But when we do “what we can”,  it is God who makes the seed grow and produces a harvest. To Him be the glory. The battle continues, but God has called us to stand. He has done the fighting for us and we continue to let Him. We are full of joy with the harvest, and ready to keep planting. We continue to ask God to lead.  Because, as all truly wise disciples know, we will never have it figured out.  Theologians, seminary students and professionals sit and debate about the best way to do missions. We’ve sat in missionary trainings, dissecting each of our  past, current and future actions with the eye of a cynical scientist. But really,  we’ve found the best way is to sit in the quiet of our nothingness and listen. Then you obey. It’s a pretty simple way to operate, ego-less,  empty of all things human. Because only He knows the way, the method, the details. We just obey, walking the battle field, planting, healing and searching for the lost ones. The harvest  is His.

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We keep walking

This legacy road we’ve been on has led us back to Brazil in August, north of our previous home , the Pantanal– to Acre, in the Amazon region. If our hesitancy in following this road surprises some, maybe it’s because they don’t know about Golgotha–of the personal kind. C.S. Lewis hit the nail on the head when he wrote “We’re not necessarily doubting God will do the best for us, we’re wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” But the fear of one more Golgotha isn’t enough to hold you back when God has already broken down the iron gates of your soul, and points to the path ahead. You just take the first step, and the next and the next.

As we’ve been sharing about our most recent trip, newer friends are asking about our time when we lived in Brazil. Here is a short re-cap and down below you’ll find a video as well.

In our previous time in Brazil, our focus was on bringing the gospel, medical care and clean water to a generation of river inhabitants that had mostly been isolated and forgotten by their own country for various cultural reasons. I think how fabulous it would be to put up all the the photos, international endorsements and miraculous stories up here. God sure did some amazing things during that time. But as I stand before God,  the truth is, we did so little, and it required so much more. And God knows the truth. Honestly speaking, from a private lens, 2005-2009 was a Golgotha time for our family and our faith. In this, there is nothing to boast about, except the great, indescribable Grace of God.

For a video made in 2011, summing up our ministry in Brazil, click here.

What compels us to return is that God never stopped doing miracles. He started doing them in US, here–And he did miracles far away too,  WITHOUT US, there.  And when God does a redeeming work , we know it’s for a purpose.  Those purposes are His, and not easily conveyed by human words. But one thing we know is that there are still forgotten people, needing a Legacy of their own. So we continue to walk behind our Jesus, trying to tell them about God’s love, and trying to leave them with a hope to hang on to.

During our previous work with ribeirinhos in the Pantanal, one thing they would all say  frequently was “God? We’ve been forgotten by God.”

They’re weren’t ashamed to look me in the eye when they said it either. They’d search my eyes for an answer, challenging me.They wanted to know why they were the forgotten ones.

This name the river people have given themselves.“Esquecidos” “Forgotten ones”

It rings in my ears still. Always I disagree.No, He hasn’t forgotten you.”

It has always been our goal, whether we are near or far,  for them to know that their names are engraved on the palms of a Savior who knows them and loves them. And that is a small portion of why we still go back and do what we do.

To read about our August 2011 trip, follow this link…

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Legacies evolve

Sometimes the real meaning of existence on this rock floating in space hits you square in the forehead, and it changes your orbit.  The day I went to my friends Mothers funeral was a day like that. I wonder if Karin’s mom ever knew she’d leave a legacy. The kind of legacy that’s,engraved, written in stone, a legacy that’s permanent and unchangeable. She’s gone now. I never met her. I just met one of the jewels she left behind-her daughter. All that seems to be left is the photo in the center of the room, surrounded by funeral flowers , the piano, hymns, tears, laughter. She decided to follow God when she was just 19. It was a complete life change. One by one they get up to tell how she just stumbled along trying to get it right. And oh how she did. Now how many are there? How many footprints leading to God? How many jewels in God’s crown? How many laughing children in his arms? The church is so full, and I can’t see around the corner and there’s more behind. Now they have to open the accordion door. There’s 150, 25 more,..too many to count.

I am humbled . My heart aches because I know the road she walked. The road of being the first. Alone stumbling along, who am I to do this God thing? Really love a child? Make a family? Respect this man whose name I wear. And oh, leave all that baggage behind in the past. But the skeletons, gotta take those out and share them. What , to do with all these scars…Forgive? And forget? What do I know about love? And then go find the missing ones. Go far away and bring them in. The Father wants the missing ones. That part is so much. It’s too much for little me. Trying to recreate something I never saw or experienced, but if God said it was possible, then by Faith I’ve had to try . But mostly I’ve fallen. and I fall again. But here I am.This Legacy woman I see in the photo , living and breathing still in all these people . This legacy woman inspires me. Oh how many legacy men and women God’s sent to me.They all stand at the side of my journey road. I lift up my face from the dust, and I can’t look at them without finding the strength to rise again. I must stand and join them. There is no turning back. I put my hand in his, this boy turned man, turned saint, that I share my life with. I take the hand of him who has taught me Calvary love, and we walk together. The Legacy is God’s. We just follow.

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The First Legacy

First Legacy. Because, out of nothing God started a legacy that begins with us.

And because there are so many desperately needing it. They are the missing ones and their Father longs
for them to come out of captivity into His Legacy of  Hope. Because it is for them,

for their children
and their children’s children and for all who are far off.

I hope you’ll join us as we help the kingdom advance in Brazil. (state of Acre, Amazon region)

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